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National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA)

National Neighborhood Data Archive

Future Projects

Mar 8, 2023

We’re back today to provide a glimpse into what we’re currently working on. We have a number of exciting projects going on.

For our existing datasets, we are making updates with more current source data, including data from the 2020 decennial census.

Our teams of researchers are brainstorming ideas for new neighborhood level measures such as an LGBTQIA+ health/safety, policeviolence, and natural disaster preparedness. We are currently gathering information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted public facing employees whose jobs can’t be remote—think nurses, teachers, bus drivers, retail workers. We have new ideas all the time, and our work includes surveying the landscape of academic literature to see if something similar exists or if we can find new data that will add to—or start—the conversation. Then we get to work creating the data and documenting the methods we use.

We’re also working on connecting folks with our data. NaNDA is a relatively new data archive, and we’re trying to make sure everyone knows we’re here, how to find us, how to download and use our data. This is why we’re writing these news updates and why Frankie Neighborhood is spreading the word on Twitter. We have plans to attend conferences and look forward to meeting researchers in person!

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